Conservancy of
Central Pennsylvania

How You Can Help


First of all, make sure you’ve signed up to receive regular updates from us! This is the primary way that we let everyone know what’s happening with our local climbing areas, what we’re doing to keep them open, and what everyone can do to help. So if you haven’t already, please sign up with your latest contact information. Let us know if there’s any way that you’d like to contribute. Feel free to ask us any questions that you’d like.

By the way, we have the utmost respect for your privacy. We promise to never sell or reveal your contact information to others, and we won’t contact you further if you request it.


Many residents, landowners, and government officials don’t fully recognize the benefits that the climbing community and our recreational areas bring to central Pennsylvania. In particular, we need to spread the word that:

  • Climbing and other outdoor recreational areas are invaluable to central Pennsylvania’s identity. Many people cite the recreation opportunities here as one of their reasons for choosing central Pennsylvania as a place to live and work.
  • The climbing community cares deeply about preserving and maintaining recreational areas and ensuring public access.
  • The climbing community represents a significant voice in central Pennsylvania. We are comprised of residents, tourists, voters, and taxpayers.


We understand that it’s extremely difficult, but if an access-sensitive area is closed to climbing, please stay away from it! When we’re working with landowners to find a solution that benefits both parties, we need to show that the climbing community is on their side.

In particular, please do not climb at the Bellefonte Quarry, Donation Rocks, or Bear Rocks.


C3PA needs funding to achieve our goals. Land management and acquisition are not cheap. We will need significant funding to save some of central Pennsylvania’s best climbing areas.

Please consider making a donation to C3PA. You can do so online using your bank account information or credit card:

You can also make a donation by check, made payable to “C3PA”, with “donation” in the memo field. Please include your return address, and mail the check to:

    1307 University Dr
    State College, PA 16801-6446

C3PA is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, and has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS, which means that your contributions are tax-deductible.


Part of the case we make to landowners and the towns is that climbers actually help to improve and maintain the land that they’re responsible for. This means trash and graffiti cleanup, trail building, and maintenance. Sign up to hear about what we’re doing to improve our areas, and we’ll let you know how you can help out.