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Donation Rocks Open to the public on May 1st

Posted by Ieva Perkons on April 21st, 2011

Hi all! Just a note to all of you who are anxious to get your hands on some Donation sandstone: we’re asking folks to wait until May 1st to climb at Donation. The landowners need another week or so to finish up some last-minute legal details, and they have requested that we ask the climbing community to wait just a tiny bit longer to rope up at Donation Rocks.

After May 1st, however, climbing season at Donation begins! PLEASE remember to fill out the online waiver before heading to the rocks.

And finally, a big, very belated thank you to all the climbers that showed up and worked hard during the Donation Rocks Adopt-A-Crag event! To call the event a huge success is a big understatement. Look for a proper post soon that gives the event, the attending climbers, and most of all Donation Rocks landowners, the credit they deserve.

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