Conservancy of
Central Pennsylvania

Bellefonte Quarry

The Bellefonte Quarry is closed to climbing. Due in part to the non-climber death there in June 2005, security has been tightened at this area. It’s extremely important that climbers do not visit the Bellefonte Quarry, since this will directly jeopardize the access efforts that are currently underway.

Preserving the Bellefonte Quarry and securing legal access to it is one of C3PA’s primary goals. Stay tuned to hear more about what we’re working on, and how everyone can help (we’ll need it).

Once again, one of the big issues at stake is the landowners’ and townspeople’s views of climbers. If climbers are found to be trespassing there during this period, then it will be extremely difficult to make the case that we’re a group that’s able to properly manage this resource.